Ultimate Terrain X Prepar3D 4.0 Compatibility

Flight One Software and Scenery Solutions have officially released Prepar3D 4.0 compatible versions of the Ultimate Terrain X series of products. Along with the 64-Bit version of Prepar3D 4.0, the Ultimate Terrain X versions also install into the 32-bit versions of Prepar3D 3.0, FSX Boxed, and FSX Steam.

The releases updated consist of:

Ultimate Terrain X – Europe V2 for FSX and Prepar3D

Ultimate Terrain X – USA V2 for FSX and Prepar3D

Ultimate Terrain X – Canada V2

Ultimate Terrain X – Tropical America and Caribbean V2

About Ultimate Terrain

Ultimate Terrain transforms vast regions of your flight simulator with new roads, shorelines, coastlines, rivers, streams, bridges, landclass, waterclass, and more. In addition, Ultimate Terrain X provides new 3D night lighting encompassing the entire region.  Ultimate Terrain X products utilize commercial data used in real world mapping and GPS applications.

The new versions can now be downloaded from the flight1.com website, and have also been made available to the 3rd party sites where you may have previously purchased the version 2 editions of these products. Please check with your store to make sure the new Prepar3D 4.0 version has been made available on their site.

The Prepar3D 4.0 version is available at no cost to previous version Ultimate Terrain X V2 customers.

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