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The BAe 146 is a medium-sized commercial aircraft, manufactured until 2002. It is often also called Avro 146 even though this term is not official, and nicknamed the Jumbolino.

The aircraft has STOL capabilities and very quiet operation; it has been marketed under the name Whisperjet. The only commercial jet with 4 turbofan jet engines on a wing that is mounted on top of the fuselage. Having extremely large flaps and spoilers, and a large split air brake mounted in the tail, the plane does not need reverse thrust at landing. It sees wide usage at small city-based airports. In its primaryIt sees wide usage at small city-based airports. In its primary role, it serves as a regional jet, short-haul airliner or fender liner. The freight-carrying version has the designation ‘QT’ (“quiet trade”). The B461 is a member of the BAe 146 family and comes in -100, -200 and -300 models.

First flight of the -100 series occurred in September 1981, with deliveries commencing in 1983. -100 migrated last to the type name “Avro RJ” superseded “BAe 146” in 1993 in a new joint venture. Avro RJ standard development, The BAE SYSTEMS AVRO RJ-70 differed from the 146-100 in having FADEC LF 507 engines and digital avionics.

Total of 35 BAe-146-100 were built.

Technical Data

Wing span 26.21 m
Length 26.20 m
Height 8.61 m
Powerplant 4 x 29.8kN Textron Lycoming ALF502R-5 turbofans.
Engine model Lycoming ALF502

Performance Data

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