New Objects & Buildings Increase Variety in X-Plane 11.10

X-Plane 11.10 includes three additions that will improve variety in default scenery: European autogen buildings, building block objects for scenery artists, and a terminal kit.

The new European autogen (auto-generated scenery) includes industrial and commercial buildings, such as apartments, warehouses, and office buildings.

The expanded library of objects will help scenery builders provide more variety, and more accurately represent the unique look of local airports. The terminal kit is especially helpful for this because it provides separate pieces for roofs, bridges and buildings that can be combined in endless combinations to customize airport terminal buildings. New objects that scenery artists can place include barriers, hangars, grass runway markers, traffic signs, vehicles, and more.



X-Plane 11.10 autogen industrial area
X-Plane 11.10 autogen large warehouse
X-Plane 11.10 autogen small warehouse


X-Plane 11.10 barriers
X-Plane 11.10 fork lifts
X-Plane 11.10 fuel stations
X-Plane 11.10 hangars
X-Plane 11.10 grass runway markers
X-Plane 11.10 silos
X-Plane 11.10 European towers
X-Plane 11.10 towers
X-Plane 11.10 traffic signs
X-Plane 11.10 trailers
X-Plane 11.10 campers

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