Active Sky For Prepar3D v4

Active Sky for Prepar3D v4 (ASP4) has been officially released!

ASP4 incorporates P3D v4 integration using a new 64-bit interface design and brings new visibility depiction and options, 64-bit XGauge weather display and radar, new active runway information, Air effects enhancements and more.

ASP4 is a FREE UPGRADE for AS16 for P3D users.  Previous-generation product users including ASE, ASN, AS2012 as well as AS16 for FSX (cross-platform) are eligible for the upgrade version of ASP4 at reduced pricing.

For a limited time, ASP4 is also available as a fully-functional FREE 7-DAY TRIAL.

For more information, or to download and run ASP4 right now, visit the   ASP4 page

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